Gary Lewis



Gary W. Lewis holds a D.M.A. in flute performance and music history from the University of Oregon and currently teaches flute at Humboldt State University. He is highly respected for his expertise on the historical development of the flute, the intricacies of sound production and its qualities, as well as his excellent craftsmanship, engineering, and creativity. Robert Gilchrist trained him in all aspects of historical flutes and flute restoration.
Gary studied modern and Baroque flute with five students of William Kincaid--John Krell, John Solum, Richard Trombley, Burnett Atkinson, and James Pellerite, and has performed numerous recitals and appeared with orchestras in the Pacific Northwest, Panama, and Colombia, including the Eugene Opera, Eugene Symphony, American Music Festival, Oregon Baroque Ensemble, Oregon Mozart Players, and has taught at the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and the National Conservatory of Panama.
As a jazz flute and saxophone player Gary has performed with numerous bands throughout the Pacific Northwest, New York, and Panama, and has had the opportunity to work with renowned musicians such as Quincy Jones and Ella Fitzgerald.
Gary's flutemaking was inspired by flute makers, such as Louis Lot, Verne Powell, and many others. His flute designs are founded upon a comprehensive study of over 200 historic flutes from collections throughout Europe and the United States.

Gary Lewis
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